Sage Enterprise Line-of-Industry Solutions

DUO TECH LIMITED. does what it does for Business to help ensure that the core elements of their supply chain were robust and agile enough to support, rather than hinder, their continued growth.  It handles the following

  • Agriculture Module
  • Construction Module
  • Rental Management
  • Terminal Management
  • Fleet Management
  • Logistics Management
  • Manufacturing Management
  • Retail management
  • Professional Services
  • Media Management
  • Healthcare

Sage is able to work on mobile devices which means your staff can work from anywhere even when on the move

All about on premise

On-premise ERPs put more control in the hands of the organization, up to and including the security of its data. It’s therefore essential that a business be capable of safeguarding an ERP’s most sensitive information

On-premise ERPs are therefore best suited for larger enterprise businesses with higher budgets; a desire to customize system operations; and the existing infrastructure to host, maintain and protect its ERP data.

Importance of cloud

Reputable cloud vendors have strict standards in place to keep data safe. To further ease concerns, prospective buyers can seek a third-party security audit of a vendor they’re considering. This can be especially useful if the vendor is less well-known.

Cloud ERPs are therefore best suited for small and midsize businesses seeking lower upfront costs, system stability and ease of access.